The Knowledge Siberian CMS module is knowledge center/forum like feature based on Quora. It allows users to ask questions to the community and help other users by replying to queries. Tags can be defined to classify different topics so that the searches are more easily performed.


  • Forum like interface
  • Allows questions & answers from any user
  • Users can like questions & answers
  • Tags can be created for easy classification of topics
  • Easy free search of topics
  • Tag related searches

The first step is to decide which tags you want to allow your users to select While asking the question or wright a comment. This should be related to the product or service being offered. When posting a question, each user can select up to 3 tags at a time.

  1. By Click on Plus button you can add Tags on various topics.
  2. Under manage section you can see your already created tags.
  3. By Click on edit button you can modify your current tag.
  4. By Click on delete button you can delete your existing tags.

Questions & Answers
All the questions and answers placed on the App user interface are accessible through the editor. Should you need to deactivated an inappropriate question or answer, this can be done through this interface by pressing on the Action button.

Under Questions & Answers tab you can see all posts like questions, answers and replies.

  1. By click on action button you can activate or deactivate the post.
  2. By Click on arrow Answers button you can hide or show answers.
  3. By click on action button you can activate or deactivate answers.
  4. By click on Reply button you can see replies.
  5. By click on Action button you can activate or deactivate the reply.

Mobile App screens

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