Invite a friend
Invite a friend is a feature which solve the App promotional problems through it you can deliver referral benefits to the sender as well as receiver or any one of them. Benefits will be transferred in the form of reward point that will be transferred into your wallet account.

Step1: Add a Feature 
Just need to Click on “INVITE A FRIEND” feature icon to Add the feature in your App

Step2: set a Google Play Store OR Apple Play Store Application URL

While we Add the “INVITE A FRIEND” feature in an app, warning note will be appearing in the red color background it means you need to mention your published app’s download URL from play stores.  You just need to click on text “Please set a Google Play Store OR Apple Play Store Application URL! Click here to add” next you need to copy your published app stores URLs in iOS and Android then click on “save” button. You required at least one URL to disappear the warning note.

Step3: Content
In content part Mention “Title” and “Description”, Cover Image, Share text, Credit Points.

(a) Title:
In a title tab you can mention the title of your offers like: Share this App with your friends and get 10 credit points.

(b) Description
In a description tab you can mention details about your referral offers like: You are eligible to get referral benefits only for single time.

(c) Cover Image
You can upload the cover image as per your choice. you just need to upload any 500X300 pixel size image from your device.

(d) Sharing text

Sharing text is showing while you share it with others it’s a mandatory filled to fill. In it you can text like: Share and earn credit points it’s simple and easy, Do it now!

Credit Point
Through credit point tabs you can change or fix the credit point as per your choice. You will be able to decide how much credit point you want to give receiver and sender it up to you.

Here you mention the credit points for receiver as you want

Here you mention the credit points for sender as you want

(f) Submit
Click on “Submit” button to add & activate new plan of app sharing

Note: As you add the new content or plan the older will be inactive automatically, but you can also active the older one through editing.

Step4: Settings
Through setting tab, we will manage all functions of the feature like: Design, share by, Enable or Disable the credit points features, point credits in, Enable or Disable the beneficiaries, declare terms & condition and how it works, app store URLs.

Design options allows you to change the content’s style looks like “list” or “Card”

(b)Enable- Invite by Email, Share Button & Social share icon
We will share the app through three different ways, by email, direct button and social media. By check mark on a particular mode, we will activate or deactivate the share options from the app.

Note: You need to share a code with your friend

(c) Enable Credit Points Feature
Through this option you will activate or deactivate credit points deliveries. You just need to check mark on check box to enable or disable credit points features.

(d)Point Credits in
Through this option you able to select where to want to credit your points in Progressive loyalty card / Loyalty card / E-wallet.

Note: You need to add relevant features in your app example: Add E-wallet feature if you want to share the credit points in the E – wallet.

(e) Point for
Through Point for option you can manage to whom you want to enable for credit points. you can select both sender and receiver or either sender only or receiver only. By click on check boxes you will enable or disable it.

(f) Term & Conditions
Under Document section of setting tab, you will declare your credit points terms & conditions.

Example: your share code will be applicable of only single time. Your credit points are utilized till 31 may 2021.

(g) How It Works
Here you can mention how your entire feature is working. How your user will share it and how they are utilizing the credit points.

(h) Published App URLs
You can share iOS Store URL & Android Store URL for downloading your App

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