Your platforms has many changes almost every alternate days and you are republishing the apps to App store.

But most of your users are still using the older version of the app which leads to bad user experience.

This simple module forces your users to update the app from App Store.


  • Show App Update Popup when user opens the app.
  • Automatically redirect the user to App Store Links to update the app
  • You can change the versions and app store url from Back office.

How to use this  ?

  1. Install the module as regular module, this module doesn’t add any feature in feature section, it’s automatically included in all the apps and activated only if settings matched.
  2. To show the popup you need to change version no , published status and store url from Back Office -> Manage -> Applications -> Edit App
  3. Update popup is visible only if
    a. Version no is not match
    b. App Status is marked as Published
    c. Store Url is not blank
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