Awesome Forms with Reports , Search , Sorting and Update history

Awesome Forms is Module which allows admin to create any customised Form which is easily searchable, sortable , editable from Mobile App. Optionally supports Pie chart report.

App users or team members who have access to mobile app can add/edit any data and can see their own progress report.

Team Leader or frontend Admin can see combined or individual report of team members.


  • Create customized forms field similar to Forms Module
  • Pie Chart report automatically generated if your fields has the Select Box
  • Easy data grid for frontend user to sort/filter their data
  • Frontend Admin can see report/data of every user.
  • Logged in user can see only their own data/report.
  • Complete Update history maintained – module stores every change in data which can’t not be deleted.
  • Creating Multiple Awesome Forms in single App is allowed
  • Complete Translation available
  • Access Roles Supported
  • Download All the data in CSV format
  • Complete Translation available
  • Access Roles Supported
  • Digital Signature and location/address/phone field along with all other fields of basic form
  • QR/Bar Code Scanning Field
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